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Dolphin Tour

Dolphin tour is half-day tour that takes place on southern part of Menai Bay Conservation area, the bay is home to the bottle-nosed and Humpback dolphins by ….

Prison Island Tour

Prison Island (also known as Changuu Island) is a small isand 5.6 km northwest of Stone Town. The island is about 800m long and 230m wide, the island was used….

Sea Turtles Tour

Were to watch green sea turtles in Zanzibar, these peaceful creatures from the past are commonly used to found basking on the sand shores and swimming around ….

Zanzibar Snorkeling Trips

No matter if you want to have a private picnic on the sand back middle of Indian ocean with our boat we offer trips with ambiance. Our highlight is a trip to hidden sandbank in the Indian ocean. go for snorkeling in the crystal clear waters….

Kite Surfing

As a local and have good experience in Zanzibar island and its activities we organize day out for Kite surfing that make you happy and implement unforgettable


The spice island of Zanzibar is home to some of the best big game and deep sea fishing opportunities in the Indian Ocean. Join us for a day out Big Game Fishin…



Zanzibar spice island is a home of big coral reef that offer plant of sea creatures from small to big size, and very old rakes a home of different type of fishe…

Zanzibar Kayak

We organize kayaking water activies touring through the natural mangrove sea water stream at unguja ukuu south west zanzibar, you will enjoy discovering remotel…

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